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Guestbook for woodlore 20 - 26 Sept 2009 (unedited)
Dean White(non-registered)
Mark, hope you visit again as you didn't give me your email. please email me at [email protected]

PS Guy, if Mark gave his email could you forward it to me

Thanks & hope all is well
Robin King(non-registered)
Thanks for the great photos. Good to have a visual record of the week. I have to say, in Morton's defence, that his navigational instincts were probably unfairly handicapped by the absence of a decent long-boat! A pleasure to have done the course in good company. Stay healthy.
mark hunt(non-registered)
I never knew you took so many photos guy !!!
I think and can speak for all of us and say big thank you for being the official photographer
For me it’s the only record I have of that week
What a privilege it was to spend a week with such a great group of chaps.
And i had such a great time I came home and booked myself on the wood sense course next week
Hope you are all well and stay in touch

p.s a warning
i had a go at the wire wool and battery thing at home it works well
so well it set light to the bathroom and melted the bath .

Julian Robinson(non-registered)
Guy, thanks for all the photo's - so many great memories - every photo made me chuckle (especially Morten blindfolded in that field and running in circles!) makes me wish I was back there. Thanks to everyone for making it such a great week - I don't think it would have been the same if you all hadn't been there!
PS Is anyone else having trouble walking pass a tree without thinking will it burn, can I carve from it.......
Dean White(non-registered)
Hi all, and Guy specifically, great record of a memorable week. Back at work now and trawlling through hundred's of emails makes bow-drilling appear quite attractive. Will send outr email addresses soonest once I retreive my note book from friend's house in Kent.

Keep in touch all


PS finished my spoon
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